About me

Hi, I’m Andrej (pronounced as “And-ray”) – a photographer passionate about the craft. Especially when it comes to photographing people.




Everyone can and should look their best in their photos – I made this my mission, no matter how camera-shy or non-photogenic you think you are.



There is a lot behind a good picture. The light, the mood, the surroundings. I believe that photographs capturing people, mood and events the best way possible will become part of history and will bring joy to viewers.


Moments pass and photographs help us to keep our memories fresh, help us remember. Remember our loved ones, the times, the events. When we stop and look at the pictures, the frozen moments in time, we can slow down, notice what has changed and appreciate more what is happening now because that will, inevitably, change too.


As a result, we enjoy presence of people that matter to us even more and the annoying things they may do will no longer touch us the way they might have done before.



And when you see yourself at your best, the way many people see you, it lifts your self-esteem, it makes you feel better and that gets passed on to whoever you meet.



It brings me joy to produce images with such an impact. Images you can enjoy for years to come. Images that capture you at your best, prettiest, coolest and craziest.



Andrej V





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